We toured many of the centers in the surrounding Macungie area and we knew instantly that The Devine School was our first choice! The communication and curriculum are outstanding! Our son loves his school and I know that’s because of the loving support and dedication from his teachers! We are truly blessed to have such an outstanding center so close to home. As a teacher in a local district, it has been said that students who come from The Devine School are better prepared for elementary school. Thank you, Christine and Joe Devine, as well as the director and dedicated teachers!

-Josh and Crystal Husser

​My husband and I are very pleased with The Devine School. We believe in the same philosophy as the owners do. Communication is key and parents play a big role in that. The staff is very friendly. Also, they do a great job with balancing play time and learning time. The Enrichment Program they have is wonderful and they make a conscious effort to provide health snacks and meals for the kids. As two working parents, it is nice to know our son is well cared for while we are away from him.

-Brenda and Cesar Roasdo

My husband and I toured a number of daycare facilities, ultimately choosing to send our daughter to the Devine School. Like most new parents, we were anxious about sending her to daycare. After touring the facility, we immediately felt reassured that the Devine School would be the best fit. The administration was welcoming, thorough, and patient when answering our questions. The facility was clean and inviting, displaying student artwork throughout. Most importantly, the children in each classroom were engaged and learning. The teachers at each level have been exceptional, providing a safe and nurturing environment to help our daughter reach a number of milestones. It is clearly a child-centered facility that recognizes each child as an individual with varying needs, and the staff works as a team to make sure every child’s needs are met. I would highly recommend the Devine School to any parent seeking child care.

-Andrew and Rachel Franco

We are very pleased with how our son has been nurtured and educated at The Devine School. Our son has been attending the Devine School since he was 5 months old and he is currently 2 1/2 years of age. The Devine School offers a safe, loving, and educational environment. At 2 years old he was able to identify letters and their sounds. He can spell his name, identify colors, and is familiar with basic shapes. He can sing the ABC song, count to 10, and he knows nursery rhymes and children’s songs. The staff at The Devine School treat him as a mom or dad would treat their own child. They relate well to the needs of the children and treat them each as an individual. The staff of The Devine School are very trusting and caring educators, who watch each families most important treasures. The Devine School is our sons home away from home, since we are a family of two working parents. As a public school teacher and as a public safety official , we can’t think of a better place for him to be during the day.

-Scott and Cindy Forster

My husband and I work full-time, and we are so appreciative of the staff who take care of, teach, and nurture our two daughters every single day. The Devine School helps to make our home a happy one! These wonderful teachers help to reinforce good behavior, manners, and kindness. They encourage our daughters to be good citizens, to be compassionate, to express themselves, to learn, to play, and to be engaged in life and in their activities. We love being with our girls and are thankful that these qualities shine at home too. The staff at The Devine School have taken care of our girls since the ages of 5 months (now age 3) and 11 weeks (now age 17 mos). We definitely recommend The Devine School. At first glance, you’ll see that the facility is clean and secure. Healthy snacks and lunches are provided every day. You’ll notice that every classroom is designed to be an excellent and developmentally-appropriate learning environment. You’ll also find out that the administration is great about sending out announcements and notifications to keep you informed, and the list goes on and on. Ultimately though, the most priceless feature of The Devine School is their staff. They really do care about each and every child. They are what makes The Devine School the best.

-Alicia Forward

Our family’s experience at The Devine School-Brookside has been amazing. While preparing to move to Macungie, we visited several day cares. The staff and teachers here were friendly and informative, the center is clean, bright and beautiful. But, our decision was made once we saw the children in every classroom laughing & having fun while learning! Our daughter has been here since the age of 2 and is now attending their full day kindergarten. Once she moves on to first grade, she will attend Devine’s after care program. Our son has been there since the age of 3 months and is currently in the Toddler Room. Christine Devine, staff and teachers have all gone above and beyond childcare. They nurture, encourage and educate, ultimately preparing our children for a bright future. Social and emotional growth is encouraged by all while including and accepting children with special needs in varying degrees. The teachers are nurturing and are genuinely proud of each child’s accomplishments. This is the best home away from home for any child. Thanks to all members of The Devine School team for all you do and continue to do for our children.

-C.J. and Nicole Landis

Our experience at The Devine School has been amazing! We were very hesitant to use a daycare center at first, but after our tour of The Devine School and meeting the staff we knew this was the right fit for us. We really appreciate how the staff has partnered with us to help transition our son from being an infant to a toddler. Additionally, The Devine School’s curriculum has helped to propel our son’s vocabulary. Most importantly, we love that our son genuinely gets excited about going to school every day. It is comforting to know that we are leaving our child in excellent care. We could not be more pleased with our decision to enroll our son in The Devine School.

-Terry and Melody Burnett

We love The Devine School! It is a wonderful place with the most amazing staff and caring teachers! Both of our children have attended The Devine School. Our daughter started when she was 3 and went through the PreK and Kindergarten programs, and is thriving now as a second grader in the public school system. She loves coming back to The Devine School in the summer for the school age summer camp program! Our son started as an infant at 3 months and is now a PreK student who will be attending the Kindergarten program in the fall. He loves to tell us all about what he learned each day and how much fun he had with his friends. The educational curriculum at The Devine School partnered with the excellent work on socialization skills has well prepared my children for public school and future successes!

-Shelli Lorenzo

I have never felt more comfortable leaving my child with someone. The teachers truly love their jobs and the children. It’s very comforting to a working mom knowing that your child is safe and happy. The children learn so much – the curriculum is amazing.

-Kaitlin Maloney