August 16, 2023

Family Newsletter—August 2023

WELCOME TO OUR FINAL MONTH OF SUMMER! At the center we are celebrating BEE MONTH! As pollinators, bees are an important part of our ecosystem – and we think they’re pretty cute too! Keep an eye out in the center for more bee activities and fun as we celebrate BEE MONTH.

As we begin to shift to fall planning and back to school, we are often asked for tips for a smooth transition to care. Here are a few ideas to start now to get your kids ready!

CREATE A FAMILY PLAN FOR SAYING GOODBYE – Whether a special handshake, a hug or a “See you later alligator”, make your plan and stick to it. Consistency is key here; children will learn the routine and understand what to expect.

TALK ABOUT IT – Back to school can bring new worries for our kids. Using open ended questions to understand what they might be feeling is a great way to help ease their concerns.

RESET BEDTIME – Slowly move bedtime earlier by 5 or 10 minutes a day to be sure your child is ready and rested for back to school.

PRACTICE INDEPENDENCE – Dressing themselves, drinking from a cup, feeding themselves are all great examples of activities they might be asked to do on their own.