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"a place where children learn and grow"

A Place Where Children Learn and Grow
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Philosophy of classroom

Children will be able to grow and learn together in an environment where they feel safe.  Students will treat others with respect and help those who need it.  Students will also learn to be independent and utilize problem solving skills to assure future success in school beyond The Devine School.

Key areas of child development  (Curriculum is based on PA Standards)

  • Reading – Children are exposed to two literacy blocks a day. During one block, small groups participate in guided reading.  During the other time we do whole group activities such as shared reading. 
  • Writing – Children learn to use the rules of phonics to “kid write” journals.  Emphasis is put on sounding out words and identifying beginning, middle and end sounds.
  • Arts & Music – We focus on self expression, diversity and exposure to various cultures & mediums.
  • Speaking & Listening- Children strengthen language skills through group discussion, nursery rhymes and story telling.
  • Science – Children will examine and be able to explain change through simple observation and use their five senses to classify things.
  • Social Studies- Children will be exposed to literature that helps them to understand rules, laws and the roles of individuals within a society.
  • Health, Safety and Physical Education – Children participate in Stretch-n-Grow which is a physical fitness program and various other gross motor activities.
  • Mathematics- Use of manipulatives to master counting, numbers and concepts of more and less.  Concepts of addition, subtraction, money and graphs are also introduced
  • Personal/Social – Continuation of social skills, self control and self confidence through interaction with peers and gentle guidance by the teacher.

Classroom Policies

  • School is in session from 8:30 AM to 2:30PM.
  • Both tardiness and absenteeism is tracked and progressive disciplinary action may be taken if either becomes excessive (details if all policies will be reviewed during registration into our Kindergarten program). 
  • We have an open door policy and would welcome any parent volunteers in the classroom.

Additional Information

Our Kindergarten program is a private academic program licensed with PA Department of Education.  We work on individualizing each child’s experience to help ensure they are able to move on and excel in 1st grade. 

Meet our Kindergarten Teacher

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